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Getting to know you: Go Exporting & Customs Manager

Earlier this month, Go Exporting CEO Mike Wilson and founder of Customs Manager, Arne Mielken, discussed Mike’s journey to starting Go Exporting and why independence matters in customs and global trade advice.

Watch in full below!

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Webinar: Trading with the EU in 2022

Last month we were delighted to join with the Liverpool Library to host a webinar on trading with the EU in 2022.

The webinar covers a number of key topics for businesses, including:

  • What changes did Brexit introduce?
  • What are the implications?
  • Post-Brexit UK-EU trade guide
  • What are the opportunities?

Watch the webinar in full below!

Learn more about adapting to the new trading relationship with the EU with our free Post-Brexit Planning Checklist here.

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Season’s greetings from Go Exporting

Season’s greetings everyone!

Thank you for following Go Exporting in 2021 and for all your support. We hope you have found our content useful for your export journey this year. Look out for more interesting articles, tips and export guides next year.

To all our clients, thank you for your valued custom this year. It has been a pleasure working with you, to help you to profitably expand into international markets and manage the Brexit transit.

We look forward to working with you all in 2022.


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SIITACE launch announcement

At last! A voice for independent international trade & customs experts! 

Launched this month is a new Society of Independent International Trade And Customs Experts – SIITACE.

This represents a new, fresh approach to looking after the interests and values of this vital independent sector.  Specifically offering real help to the International Trade Community through our founding members specialist knowledge and experience covering all aspects of overseas trade including promotion & market entry; business support; international sales and marketing; customs; tax & vat; warehousing; trade finance; and logistics.

“I am proud to be a founder member of SIITACE. The opportunity to work and share ideas with fellow independent trade advisors is sure to be a great bonus to us individually and as a sector. It provides the ability to speak as one voice to influence government policy on exports and provide expert support to UK businesses in their drive to expand internationally following the exit from the EU”

Who runs SITTACE?

SIITACE is a Community Interest Company established to encourage collaboration and best practice within the international trade and customs disciplines. Our directors and founding members have many years of real-life experience in global trade and customs. We seek to attract a membership from all aspects of overseas trade beginning with experts in business support, sales and marketing, customs, tax & VAT, and logistics but growing in the direction our membership decides. It’s your society so, for that reason as we grow, it will take the shape needed to fulfil the business needs of international traders, importers and exporters. 

Freedom to offer impartial support and advice 

As a non-public sector organisation, not tasked to achieve government targets, we have the freedom to offer impartial support and advice to our members and to the wider international trade community.

Become a member….

Our members have access to the knowledge and experience of fellow members from all areas of the international trade spectrum. We are here to help and support each other.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Support of like-minded professionals
  • Access to our knowledge bank of resources
  • Opportunity to contribute to debate and discussion on how we can work together to improve the provision of international trade advice within the private sector.

Register your interest here.

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UK VAT and International Trade (training day)

This one-day online training event is designed to explain the importance of applying and following international rules surrounding VAT. The crossing of goods and services across international borders is a vital part of the global economy, and even the smallest of mistakes and errors can cause expensive delays and other issues in the supply chain.

The course has a focus on the effect of Brexit on the rules surrounding UK VAT and International Trade, covering the effects on both goods and services. The course will cover:

  • Import VAT and applying postponed VAT accounting to goods
  • Import One Stop Shop (IOSS)
  • Evidence requirements and zero rating for goods
  • The general rules and exceptions to those rules for the sale of services
  • Determining the place of supply and when to apply the reverse charge

Correctly submitting your VAT return as an organisation is vital. Not only can it save your business money, but it can also lead to legal trouble if you don’t do so correctly. Maximising what you can claim in terms of VAT, and reducing any possible delays with regard to processing your claims is an essential part of running an efficient business.

Important concepts covered in this course include:

  • Exporting and importing goods – Zero rate, evidence of place and time of supply, import VAT and postponed VAT accounting, relief schemes and duty deferment accounts
  • General place of supply rules – From a B2B and B2C perspective, exceptions to the rules of land, digital supplies, events and admission, and the reverse charge
  • Selling goods to private individuals and the IOSS
  • Completing your VAT return

Register here.

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Exploring the export potential of Switzerland – a sizeable opportunity (free webinar)

Have you explored the export potential of Switzerland? You may be surprised by the size of the opportunity.

In this upcoming free webinar, we will hear from our Swiss partner Prodigo about the key market sectors and how to do business in the country. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the potential opportunities in this beautiful country.

Register for free here.

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Enterprise Nation top 50 advisors 2021: vote for us!

We are delighted to let you know that Go Exporting has been selected by Enterprise Nation as one of the Top 5 Export Consultants and Top 50 advisors of any category in the UK.

This success is down to you, our valued customers and subscribers. We thank you.

The vote is now open to select the No. 1 Export Consultant out of the 5 shortlisted. Would you be able to spare a couple of minutes of your time to vote for us via this link?

Being voted your No. 1 would be a great honour and help us deliver even more expert exporter content. We are planning a Lunch & Learn Session on Rules of Origin, participating in a round table discussion on the impact of Brexit with customs experts from Deloitte and will host a series of free webinars in early 2022 for example.

Thank you for your vote and continued support!

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