Find international distributors with PartnerTrack & expand into new markets.

Find international distributors with PartnerTrack

Go Exporting specialises in helping companies to profitably expand in international markets; from customs and compliance, market research through to devising and implementing strategy.

Need help finding the right distributors or agents for your business? We utilise our 30 years of experience to research your market, compile a list of potential partners for your business and set up meetings for you to see which are the best fit.

We have developed our PartnerTrack service to offer you a cost-effective solution to add carefully selected distributors/agents/partners to your network with the support of proven experts in international expansion.

What can we do for you?

  • Save you time in finding the right distributors/agents/partners
  • Research your target markets for the right distributors/agents/partners based on your exact requirements
  • Pre-select the ones that are the best fit for your business
  • Draw up a Long-List and Shortlist of potential partners based on your priorities and their enthusiasm to work with you


Benefits of using this service

  • Take the pain and strain out of the whole distributor/agent/partner search process
  • Minimise the unknown, ensure your success
  • Allow you to concentrate on your current customers and hot leads whilst we do the legwork to open new markets
  • Use our 30 years’ experience in international business to meeting your objectives

  • Help you to profitably expand into new markets

Based on your ideal distributor/agent/partner profile, we will research your target market to identify a range of potential companies for you to work with.

We will then evaluate these companies more closely and vet them for suitability, before making initial contact with the key-decision makers to introduce your business.

We will select a long-list of 10-15 potential distributors/agents/partners. The exact number depends on the size of the market and the number of suitable candidates available in that market based on your requirements.

We will provide you with our initial recommendations and, after further consultation with you, continue the discussion with the identified companies, carrying out an in-depth assessment of their suitability to be the best distributor/agent/partner for you in the target market. 

We will evaluate the merits of each company and then provide you with a shortlist of options ranked in order of our assessment of suitability.

We will make the introductions and arrange a visit/web call for you to take the discussion to the final stage of selecting your new long-term partner. 

After the conquest of Scandinavia, the natural direction for us was to expand our sales to the Central European market. Unlike in Scandinavia, we didn't have a single contact to approach in larger target countries such as Germany or the UK. We started searching for an export consultant on Google - we ended up filling out at least ten different export consultant contact forms.

Right from the first response from Go Export, we got the feeling that this is a reliable and competent agency. We discussed with a few different agencies in video meetings but Mike was the only one who brought his own know-how and pricing in a reliable way right from the first minutes. Mike didn't just listen to our wish list, but boldly brought up his opinion and alternative ways to approach the target market. In the very first video meeting, Mike made a good survey of our operations and wishes, adding his own experience and perspective. The whole time we had the feeling that we were talking to a professional. Even before making the actual offer, Mike familiarized himself with our industry thoroughly and quickly, even doing his own market research, we even ended up changing the target country at this point based on this market research.

At this point, we received a clear, precise and very competitive offer from Go Exporting, which included a couple of pricing options. We accepted the offer and filled out a very detailed questionnaire in which we thoroughly explained our wishes and goals for the project. We also had a video meeting, where both sides made sure that we had definitely understood each other correctly. Go Exporting's and Mike's actions from the first minutes to the actual start of their work had been very clear, precise and professional, for these reasons our expectations for the results of the project were very high - and they were met. Mike kept us well informed throughout their work on how the project was progressing.

In just a couple of weeks, we had a really comprehensive longlist of potential partners, from which Mike and I selected the shortlist.

The end result of the short list was that Mike managed to create a positive problem for us - there were a great number of willing partners. Based on the offers, we had chosen fixed pricing with no success fee, but despite that, Mike participated in all discussions and video meetings with all the candidates. Mike handled the arrangements of the meetings and the introductions of the parties in a professional manner. After the meetings, a summary of the meeting was made and Mike presented his opinion and indicated things to consider about the content of the meetings.

Thanks to Go Exporting and Mike's work, we found the perfect partner for us in the UK and we are currently launching in UK market!

We can highly recommend Go Exporting's services to all companies targeting the European market. We will certainly use Go Exporting's services in the future!

Samuel Soini
Sales Manager, Mywater Global

Plan of Action

Our proposed plan of action would be as follows:

Initial Consultation

We would have an initial consultation with you to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your company, its history, products, capacities, value proposition, market position, competitors, pricing, customer support etc. 
  • Discussion on sales to-date with particular emphasis on types of end customers, route-to-market
  • Final agreement on target markets and time schedule
  • Collection and review of any marketing literature, specification and technical data sheets where relevant.
  • Define your ideal partner
  • Understand the size of companies you expect
  • Which Market sectors they may operate in
  • Current products they may offer
  • Ascertain what makes your current best and worst partners
  • Exclusive/Non-Exclusive?
  • Geographic coverage
  • No. of partners envisaged per market
  • Exact role and responsibilities you expect them to fulfil
  • Support you will offer your partners
  • Milestones
  • Expected sales Year 1, 2, 3
  • Detail any other requirements


After the initial consultation we will set to work on identifying likely candidates based on desk-based research, approach to personal contacts, relevant events, trade associations etc.

We usually send details of a selection of initial potential companies for you to review and make sure we are on the right track before proceeding to complete the full research.


We will deliver the short-list within the agreed time frame with the level of detail specified above for your review. 

We will assess each of the options and rank them in order of preference based on their capabilities, access to the market, interest levels etc.

Video Call

We finalise everything with a video call to go through our findings and discuss the merits of each candidate with you for your further consideration.


After finalising the short-list, we will approach the companies to make video/face to face meetings for you to discuss directly with your prospective new partner. We facilitate the calls and further discuss with you on those we feel show the best potential to select your new partner.

Projected Outcomes

This proposal is based on our years of experience helping companies just like yours to expand into international markets. 

It is designed to bring the only outcome that is ultimately important; 

To profitably grow your business

By accepting this proposal, you will have a dedicated partner with extensive knowledge of opening international markets, working on their behalf to effectively:

  • to identify, approach and sign up the best partners in the right target markets for your business. 
  • Take the strain
  • Make your Export Journey a complete success

We pride ourselves in producing real returns for our clients which continue long after the project is completed.