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International Trade Consultancy

Helping you to plan and implement your export strategy for profitable growth. Our decades of doing business globally helps you to plan and prepare for your export journey.


In-depth research and analysis of your key target markets, providing you with a ready-made strategic market entry plan, taking you through step-by-step to achieve your objectives.


One-to-one mentoring and overview at a strategic level, providing a forward-thinking opinion based on years of experience, deep understanding and expertise.


Know your market. Know the potential. Know the challenges. Initial market research into your target market to assess the size of your opportunity.


Actively working with you and your team to implement a market entry strategy and expand your export sales, generating real results for your business.

Brexit Audit

Be prepared for Brexit whether there is a Deal or No Deal. A cost-effective audit of your business readiness for all eventualities of Brexit.


We have developed a unique diagnostic method to quickly assess the benefits to your business of exporting.


A range of services based on experience and expertise to support your export journey.


A comprehensive translation service to enhance your international credibility.


Open up your brand to new audiences and generate leads and sales digitally with our international digital marketing services.


Effective training for your team at all levels, from Director to Internal Sales, in international business.


Use our expertise for your speaker requirements, seminars, articles and books.

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What our clients say

We were extremely pleased with the final report, which ran to some 450 pages, and covered in detail, country by country the information we required. It was laid out in a clear, concise manner, with logical summaries and inciteful analysis of the key data.

All in all the report has formed an invaluable basis for our decisionmaking process for this project and provides a robust benchmark upon which to gauge our progress.

I would not hesitate to recommend Go Exporting to anyone looking for support in expanding their business internationally.

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UK firms up trading relationship with Chile

UK firms up trading relationship with Chile

The UK has looked to sure-up its trading relationship with Chile after the signing of a new trade continuity agreement. Signed by Jamie Bowden, Ambassador to Chile an the Chilean Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero on 30th January, the deal will see companies and consumers cotinue to benefit from preferental trading arrangements after Brexit. Trade in

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UK businesses not prepared for Brexit

Nearly half of UK firms not prepared for chaotic Brexit

Almost half of UK companies feel they are unprepared for a chaotic exit from the EU according to the Bank of England’s quarterly inflation report. The report, which quizzed 200 businesses about their Brexit preparations and readiness, found that half had begun planning for no deal and no transition, but half said they felt unprepared

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