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Customs & Compliance Reports

Everything you need to know about the rules surrounding how to export your goods

You have decided that export is right for your business and have identified potential markets, but what are the rules and regulations to export there? What processes do you need to follow? Do you need licences or approvals?  Is there any duty or quotas? Is there a Free Trade Agreement in place? Rules of Origin?

Where do you look for the right information? It can all seem like a blackhole with no light at the end. Relax, we are specialists in helping companies to prepare for export. 

The starting point is to understand the customs and compliance issues surrounding your products, services and business model.  

Our customs and compliance report covers all aspects of your trade with a specific country or trade bloc, such as the EU, including:

  • Customs Rules and Regulations
  • VAT/Tax/Duty requirements
  • Documentation
  • Compliance requirements
  • Trade agreements, if any, as they apply to your business
  • Rules of Origin
  • Method to Return Goods
  • Labelling requirements
  • Provides a Recommended Operating Procedure

The result will provide you with a complete picture of the rules as they apply to your business and recommend the best processes and procedures for you to follow to meet both legal requirements and the goal of ‘least hassle’ for you and your customers. 

All for a competitive fixed cost and a quick turnaround. A small price to pay for the information which could save you thousands by avoiding wrong choices. 

See our Testimonials page or look at Trustpilot for feedback from our many satisfied customers.

“Working with Go Exporting was a great experience start to finish. They completed our assessment in a timely manner and were able to answer all of our questions along the way. The provided an immense amount of value for Wow Bao."

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