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How to identify and prioritise target markets

Which markets should you target? We assess the global marketplace for your products and recommend where to target.

The starting point for any successful export strategy is to define your target markets and assess the opportunities they provide. Don’t leave it to chance and waste valuable time and money trying to enter the wrong market for your company. 

Our MarketTrack Service is designed to provide research into your potential markets, to assess and compare the size of opportunity and the barriers to entry. Using our bespoke market scoring system, we produce a ranked priority list of markets for you to select from.

We utilise our 30 years of experience to carry out cost-effective research into the information and data you need to make an informed decision on the market. 

What can we do for you? 

  • Assess the global market potential for your company and products
  • Save you time & resources by carrying out in-depth research
  • Research your target market(s) to identify:

– the size of the market

– market growth potential over the next 3, 5, 10 years

– the opportunity for your business

– the barriers to entry

– the competition

– key players in the market

  • Rank the top markets into order of priority
  • Help you make the right market entry decisions with the clarity of real market information

Benefits of using this service

  • Take the pain and strain out of the whole market research process
  • Make an informed choice of which market(s) to enter
  • Minimise the unknown, ensure your success
  • Allow you to concentrate on your current customers and hot leads whilst we do the legwork to understand new markets
  • Use our 30 years’ experience in international business to meeting your objectives
  • Help you to profitably expand into new markets

We have a range of information sources at our disposal including local consultants, personal contacts and real market data to conduct efficient research into your potential market(s). Our analysis goes beyond a mere internet search and utilises our network of consultants to provide a clear picture of the opportunity. 

The way we work explained:

Initial Consultation

We would have an initial consultation with you to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your company, its history, products, capacities, value proposition, market position, competitors, pricing, customer support etc.
  • Discussion on sales to-date with particular emphasis on types of end customers, route-to-market
  • Final agreement on target market(s) and time schedule
  • Collection and review of any marketing literature, specification and technical data sheets where relevant
  • Review your website and company presentation 



After the initial consultation, we will set to work on analysing the market based on the expertise of our consultant network, desk-based research, approach to personal contacts, review market data, relevant events, trade associations etc.

We pull together information from a range of sources to identify and analyse the key market data. 


MarketTrack Report

After assessing and collating the information, we produce a detailed final report in an easy-to-follow format with all the relevant data you need to make your market entry decision. 

Using our unique scoring and evaluation system, we rank each market based on size, growth, barriers to entry and more in order to produce a priority list of the best opportunities. 

This allows you to make an informed judgement on the market(s) to concentrate on.

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