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International lead generation

A cost-effective solution to find new customers in your target market with the support of proven experts in international expansion. Welcome to LeadsTrack.

LeadsTrack Explained

Go Exporting specialises in helping companies to profitably expand in international markets; from customs and compliance, market research through to devising and implementing strategy.  Need help finding qualified international leads and setting up meetings for your business? We utilise our 30 years of experience to research your market, compile a list of potential customers and set up meetings for you to pitch your products and win new business. We have developed our LeadsTrack service to offer you a cost-effective solution to find new customers in your target market with the support of proven experts in international expansion. 

Your international lead generation, taken care of.

Benefits of LeadsTrack

What can we do for you?

  • Save you time & resources in finding qualified potential customers
  • Research your target markets and approach potential customers based on your exact requirements
  • Pre-select the ones that offer the best opportunities for your business
  • Arrange meetings/video calls with pre-qualified leads for you to pitch your products and win new business

Benefits of using this service

  • Take the pain and strain out of the whole lead/customer search process
  • Minimise the unknown, ensure your success
  • Allow you to concentrate on your current customers and hot leads whilst we do the legwork to open new markets
  • Use our 30 years’ experience in international business to meeting your objectives
  • Help you to profitably expand into new markets 

Based on your ideal customer profile, we will research your target market to identify a range of potential companies for you to work with.

We will then evaluate these companies more closely and vet them for suitability, before making initial contact with the key decision-makers to introduce your business.

We assess their interest in your products or services and select those offering the best opportunities for you to win new business. We then set up meetings/video calls for you to speak directly to the client.

You can then pitch to the client directly, make a presentation of your company and products in order to discover opportunities for new business. 

At your request, we can present your company and products on your behalf and follow through to gaining the orders in return for an agreed commission.

Initial Consultation

We would have an initial consultation with you to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your company, its history, products, capacities, value proposition, market position, competitors, pricing, customer support etc. 
  • Discussion on sales to-date with particular emphasis on types of end customers, route-to-market
  • Final agreement on target markets and time schedule
  • Collection and review of any marketing literature, specification and technical data sheets where relevant
  • Review your website and company presentation 
  • Analyse the Value Proposition for your product/service in the target market
  • Define your ideal customer
  • Which Market sectors they may operate in
  • Detail any other requirements



After the initial consultation, we will set to work on identifying likely customers based on desk-based research, approach to personal contacts, relevant events, trade associations etc.

We usually send details of a selection of initial potential customers for you to review and make sure we are on the right track before proceeding to complete the full research.


Approach and Arrange Meetings

We will approach potential customers and provide initial details of your product/service to generate enquiries. 

We then follow up to assess their interest and take to the next level. We qualify the best opportunities in order to set up meetings/video calls for you to discuss directly.

We continue to work for the agreed fixed fee until the target number of meetings/video calls is arranged. 


Sales Support

At your request, we can host the meetings/video calls, make the presentations on your behalf and close the sales, all for an agreed commission.

This proposal is based on our years of experience helping companies just like yours to expand into international markets. It is designed to bring the only outcome that is ultimately important; 

to profitably grow your business

By accepting this proposal you will have a dedicated partner with extensive knowledge of opening international markets, working on your behalf to effectively:

  • to identify, approach and arrange meetings with qualified potential customers in the right target markets for your business. 
  • Take the strain
  • Make your Export Journey a complete success

We pride ourselves in producing real returns for our clients which continue long after the project is completed. 

LeadsTrack 10

£ 2,995
  • 10 meetings or video calls
  • Qualified, high-value prospects

LeadsTrack 15

£ 3,995
  • 15 meetings or video calls
  • Qualified, high-value prospects

LeadsTrack 20

£ 4,850
  • 20 meetings or video calls
  • Qualified, high-value prospects

LeadsTrack Managed

  • Following on from LeadsTrack, at your request, we can host the meetings, make the presentations and close the sales for an agreed additional commission.

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