We’re delighted to have worked with leading exporting businesses from across sectors, governmental trade departments and business groups on a range of projects. Take a look at what they had to say below. 

Enterprise Ireland commissioned Go-Exporting to research and produce a report providing an overview of UK Local Authorities to inform Irish companies about their structure and procurement process.

Mike Wilson carried out in-depth research and analysis and provided a professional, concise and clear report which we have published for our clients. We are looking forward to working on Phase 2 of this project where Go Exporting will provide further insights into this sector.

Laura Brocklebank, Senior Market Advisor, Enterprise Ireland (Manchester, UK)

We commend Go Exporting on providing such a professional and exceptional service, we would highly recommend working with Go Exporting for they provided a valuable addition to our work and helped us assist Jordanian companies to reach international markets.

Jordan Chamber of Industry

Go Exporting’s report has formed an invaluable basis for our decision-making process and probides a robust benchmark upon which to guage our progress.

We are extremely pleased with the final report, which ran to some 450 pages, and covered in detail, country by country the information we required. It was laid out in a clear, concise manner, with logical summaries and inciteful analysis of the key data.


Go Exporting has managed in a very short time to open numerous opportunities in countries like Germany, France, US, Canada, Saudi Arabia to name but a few. 


After talking and emailing various accountants and other Export advisers/consultants, I was unable to get any clear answers to my questions regarding my business.

Mike at Go Exporting, was the only Export consultant who got back to me with in the hour saying he can help. He gave me a quote which was very reasonable for the amount of questions I had. He replied in depth to all my questions by email as requested. The replies were straight forward and easy to understand. Just what I wanted at this stage.

Thanks to Mike, I am now clear on how to go about my business. He is truly an expert with his exporting knowledge. I highly recommend any one who plans on Exporting and are unsure about things and process and paperwork etc. Dont hesitate to contact them. Thank you again Go Exporting.


We had an excellent experience with Go Exporting. Mike was very professional and quick to respond to any inquiry we had. The report they created for us was comprehensive and the follow up support even after it was delivered was top notch.

Thank you from the Future Kind Team! 

Ian Johnson, Future Kind

Go Exporting provided us with quick and professional service. We needed advice on exporting business start-up and we received professional guidance covering all aspects in this industry from setting up, legal requirements, guidance and practical advice. Mike was very reliable, operated in a quick and professional manner.

We will highly recommend Go Exporting. 


Go Exporting have been providing me with consultation and mentoring for the last 6 months. They are very knowledgeable and experienced. I highly recommend their services and see them as an asset to my company. Thank you very much for your continued support.

Ash Kejriwal