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We’re delighted to have worked with leading exporting businesses from across sectors, governmental trade departments and business groups on a range of projects. Take a look at what they had to say below. 

Enterprise Ireland commissioned Go-Exporting to research and produce a report providing an overview of UK Local Authorities to inform Irish companies about their structure and procurement process.

Mike Wilson carried out in-depth research and analysis and provided a professional, concise and clear report which we have published for our clients. We are looking forward to working on Phase 2 of this project where Go Exporting will provide further insights into this sector.

Laura Brocklebank, Senior Market Advisor, Enterprise Ireland (Manchester, UK)

We commend Go Exporting on providing such a professional and exceptional service, we would highly recommend working with Go Exporting for they provided a valuable addition to our work and helped us assist Jordanian companies to reach international markets.

Jordan Chamber of Industry

Go Exporting provided me the kickstart that was required to start my export business. I gained good knowledge from the materials/resources provided on their website and I also purchased a book authored by Mike Wilson. I strongly recommend people who want to initiate their export export business to read these rosources before committing your time and energy into your business. It will surely provide you a snapshot of export business.

Kaveri Rangappa

Go Exporting’s report has formed an invaluable basis for our decision-making process and probides a robust benchmark upon which to guage our progress.

We are extremely pleased with the final report, which ran to some 450 pages, and covered in detail, country by country the information we required. It was laid out in a clear, concise manner, with logical summaries and inciteful analysis of the key data.


Go Exporting has managed in a very short time to open numerous opportunities in countries like Germany, France, US, Canada, Saudi Arabia to name but a few. 


Having planned for Brexit we still found we had a lot of un-answered questions and lack of support available. Go Exporting stepped in to help support our business and continue to offer advice and support where required. The detailed review on our business has provided us will the tools and advice to manage the changes.

Andy, Cembre

We cooperate in the field of SEO and Google ads. We like the attitude and exemplary business cooperation.

Gregor Rosulnik, GORR Translation Company

As a valued Associate Consultant of Winning Pitch, Mike has now delivered 9 webinars on our behalf as part of our Export Support programme delivery for Welsh Government.

He offers both high level strategic export advice plus tactical hands-on support. He is currently very popular because of his unique knowledge and skills associated with supporting businesses through Brexit/EU transition. 

Steve Young, Winning Pitch

I have had my first online consultation with Mike, a few days ago, and Mike was very clear as to the actions that Go Exporting will take in order to secure distributors in Europe for us. I look forward to working with Mike for a fruitful cooperation.

Evis Tsiaklides, St. Louis Beautyline

Mike was extremely helpful in assisting us navigate our way through exporting to the EU post Brexit. He was available when ever we needed him to attend a meeting, and always at the end of an email if we needed an answer imminently. I would definitely recommend him.

Sharon Hooton, Vocovo

We got in touch with to help with some uncertainties around exporting from and importing to the UK. Over all, great communication with clear and precise answers to our logistics questions post Brexit.

Rob Sands, Videx

We engaged with Mike on two areas of concern relating to issues that been thrown up directly as a result of Brexit and received very good feedback and quickly to assist us. Well done Mike.

Danny Edwards, Premier Components

There are very few such sites like Go Exporting. Where they are truly helping some serious exporters. Lot of wonderful information is available to know the true facts about Exports and Imports.

Sujey, Veganexim

I recently used the services of Go Exporting and all I can say, I found the services absolutely brilliant. I am new to the import business however Mike was extremely informative and also took his time to explain the process in fine detail. I normally feel consultants rush you after they take your money however in this case, go exporting actually contacted me again after the initial meeting (no extra charge) to help me further with my needs. I found this to be very helpful & really appreciated the extra help. I would highly recommend Go Exporting.

Trustpilot review

Overall really good service. My personal experience was validating the work that was carried out by myself. Mike offered additional information which was very helpful to our company.


I contacted Go Exporting to help my business with the transition after the BREXIT deadline had passed. I was very impressed with the speed of service. Once I had sent back that survey, it did not take long for the information to come back. Within the document there was so much good information and even some stuff that I had not even considered. I would recommend Mike and the team 100%.

Jamie Cox, DYWIDAG

We had an excellent experience with Go Exporting. Mike was very professional and quick to respond to any inquiry we had. The report they created for us was comprehensive and the follow up support even after it was delivered was top notch.

Thank you from the Future Kind Team! 

Ian Johnson, Future Kind

After talking and emailing various accountants and other Export advisers/consultants, I was unable to get any clear answers to my questions regarding my business.

Mike at Go Exporting, was the only Export consultant who got back to me with in the hour saying he can help. He gave me a quote which was very reasonable for the amount of questions I had. He replied in depth to all my questions by email as requested. The replies were straight forward and easy to understand. Just what I wanted at this stage.

Thanks to Mike, I am now clear on how to go about my business. He is truly an expert with his exporting knowledge. I highly recommend any one who plans on Exporting and are unsure about things and process and paperwork etc. Dont hesitate to contact them. Thank you again Go Exporting.


Go Exporting provided us with quick and professional service. We needed advice on exporting business start-up and we received professional guidance covering all aspects in this industry from setting up, legal requirements, guidance and practical advice. Mike was very reliable, operated in a quick and professional manner.

We will highly recommend Go Exporting. 


Go Exporting have been providing me with consultation and mentoring for the last 6 months. They are very knowledgeable and experienced. I highly recommend their services and see them as an asset to my company. Thank you very much for your continued support.

Ash Kejriwal

Go Exporting is really useful for exporters. Following its requirements, principles and steps must be followed for success. Since we live in a dynamic world we will like to ask Go Export to keep us updated always to avoid failures. Big thanks to Mike and the entire Go Export team. Best regards from Edwidge.

Edwidge Prisques, Shakanah Global Sarlu

Had question about the new Rules of Origin post BREXIT… The website was very helpful and the follow-up advice was concise and on point.

Mark Evans, ExileTech

Good experience end to end in terms of Brexit and I will fully recommend to any company who needs exports advice.

Arv G

Go Exporting is doing great thing by helping its clients’ companies on the procedural side by way of helping them in compliance in a transparent manner post Brexit and guiding them to remain more transparent and with proper documentation and further providing them simpler guiding rule books once such is Rule of origin to help the clients in their trade and that also absolutely free. I wish Go export many more successes in the coming months and gain as many clients in international trade and facilitate more business for them.

Keyur Sheth

I needed some guidance on how to manage imported product we had previously sold to customers that was being returned for service and how best to make this as seamless as possible. Mike and the team were straight there with a response and advice. A great help.

Martin Ellison, Cirrus Research

Go Exporting is an invaluable resource. I am new to the challenges of exporting and have found their resources to be straightforward, understandable and helpful in my effort to get up to speed.

Fiona Frossell, Frossell Ltd

I am very pleased following a Go Exporting that serves always an up-to-date and useful insights regarding trade with Great Britain. I strongly recommend this brand, their service and expertise!

Bartek Gie

A five star review for a five star service – always reliable and helpful – thank you.


Great one stop shop for load of free guidance on Brexit Planning, Rules of Origin, and a Expert Exporter Hub.

Sarah Blunt

We had our first online consultation with Make yesterday. His advice was very helpful, he explained the export process very clearly.

Martyna Brzezińska, Unordinary Oats