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Export Readiness Audits

Go Exporting is recognised as a leading international expert in the field of assessing and preparing companies to be ready to start or expand their export journey. 

Are you ready for the export challenge?

Are you a Chamber of Commerce, Trade Organisation, Government Body or an individual business looking to expand and promote your local or trade sector exports? International trade is a great way to stimulate growth in your local economy, to increase employment and improve flows of currency. Go Exporting helps prepare businesses for the challenges ahead.

We have developed a unique Export Readiness Audit process designed to work with business owners to identify the areas where they need to review, improve, invest, train, formalise and enhance their products, processes, procedures, policies and management in order to smoothly transition into a successful exporting company.

There are no rights and wrongs in this process. It is not pass or fail, only benefits. We work with the management team, to support and advise, to help them achieve their goals.

Benefits of conducting an Export Readiness Audit

  • Clarity of Corporate Goals & Motivation
  • Insight into the Expectations & Requirements of Target Markets
  • Understand the Areas of Improvement Required to be Successful
  • Receive a Step by Step Plan to Reach Export Readiness
  • Be Totally Prepared for your Export Journey
  • Improve Business Efficiency
  • An Independent Review of Business Strategy
  • Expand Export Sales
  • Increase Local Employment
  • Improve the Local Economy
  • Gain Expertise, Knowledge Transfer
  • Access to Experienced Business Consultants and Mentors

Stage One - The Export Audit Questionnaire

Our specially developed tool for gathering the right information on each company in order to assess their export readiness. It covers all areas of the business including;

  • its history
  • corporate goals and motivation
  • processes, policies and certifications
  • products review
  • production and supply overview
  • finance exposure to international business
  • attitude to risk & willingness to invest
  • sales and export experience, team structure
  • Value Added and USP review
  • marketing assessment
  • target market knowledge
  • competition analysis

Stage Two - The Export Audit Visit

A minimum one-day visit to the company to review the audit questionnaire directly with the management team. 

To see first-hand the business in-situ. To explore in greater detail the topics covered and really understand the business itself; its drivers, its goals and aspirations, its difficulties and challenges; its opportunities and capabilities.

This also allows us to gather any additional relevant information unique to the company which was not covered in the questionnaire. 

Stage Three - The Export Readiness Report

On completion of the audit process, our expert will assess all the information gathered and produce a detailed final report which will include a review of where the business is now, where it needs to be and the steps it needs to take in between to reach a stage of Export Readiness for its target markets.

The report includes a review and our recommendations in each of the following areas:

Export Readiness Audit Review

  • Company Certifications and Policies
  • Corporate Goals and Motivation
  • Products
  • Production
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Exports
  • Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Competition
  • SWOT Analysis for entering the target markets
  • Summary of Audit Findings
  • Our recommendations, suggested actions and timelines

Optional - Proposed Export Strategy

Based on the Export Readiness Audit report above plus further market research and our expertise in this area, we can include an optional second report defining our recommended export strategy. 

This detailed document utilises unique assessment techniques developed by Go Exporting to accurately define the specific target markets which will produce the greatest returns for the business. The report includes:


  • Overall Strategy and Approach
  • Target Markets
  • Initial Market Research and Trends
  • Market Priorities by Size
  • Barriers to Entry
  • Defining Target Markets – Our unique priority scoring system
  • Route to Market Strategy
  • Implementation Plan
  • Marketing Plan Overview
  • Identification of Key Customers in your target markets
  • Summary
  • Recommendations for further action


A track record of helping businesses

Go Exporting recently carried out our Export Readiness Audit programme on behalf of the Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI) for 25 companies in the country to assess their preparedness to export to Europe. The below is an extract from the JCI testimonial regarding our work, full version is available on request.

We (JCI), as well as (the) companies are extremely pleased with the reports as they give a thorough and detailed evaluation of the audit visits findings, along with all areas of improvements provided with concise recommendations on each. 

We commend Go Exporting on providing such a professional and exceptional service, we would highly recommend working with Go Exporting for they provided a valuable addition to our work and helped us assist Jordanian companies to reach international markets.

In addition to the audit process, Go Exporting provided detailed training to local experts in Jordan so that they could carry out their own Export Readiness Audits on companies in the future.

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