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Develop an export strategy

Utilise our 30+ years of experience to develop a winning export strategy.

You know your business will benefit from expanding internationally but either don’t have the time to plan properly or have never exported before. Where to start? How do you build your export plan with the right objectives, realistic targets and milestones?

The answer is to work with one of our experienced consultants who have helped Start-Ups, SMEs and multi-nationals to export success. We can work with you, to guide or mentor you through the process. Or we can take on the project entirely, presenting you with a complete, detailed 3-5 year strategy with action points and timescales. 

The choice is yours; the result will be a winning strategy for your business.

Below are examples of the services we offer. We are flexible, however, and will build a bespoke solution which suits your requirements and circumstances. Whatever support you need, we are here to help.

Business Export Support Service

We are specialists in helping companies to export for the first time. We have a number of clients who we help from the beginning, to define their products, set up their business and expand internationally. For others we work with them to develop a winning strategy for export growth. 

We have found the best way to support in these circumstances is to agree an amount of time we work with you each month with regular consultations to guide you in developing your business.

We listen to your objectives, ask the difficult questions, guide you in the right direction and help you avoid the costly mistakes that can derail any export journey. The support is flexible, helping you where and when you need it.

All for an agreed monthly fee with no minimum contract period. Support can be ad hoc when you need it; or regular meetings each week, month or quarter. Whatever your need, we can support you.

FastTrack Strategy

FastTrack is a unique methodology developed by Go Exporting to supercharge profitable international growth for both new and experienced exporters alike. Following our programme will deliver a winning strategy with everything you need to be successful. 

Our diagnostics, based on a short carefully constructed questionnaire, combined with 30 years of experience, enable us to assess the benefits to your business of exporting, understand the drivers for your export expansion, clarify your objectives and expectations, evaluate your capabilities, understand your product / service offering, assess your market segments and develop a winning go-to-market strategy.

Choose from FastTrack Start or Premium. Click here for full details including pricing.


Once you have defined your target markets, we recommend undertaking our ReportTrack service to define the best market entry strategy. 

This report provides extended research and analysis of the key target markets, culminating in a strategic plan with defined steps and key milestones to bring you export success.

It provides you with a winning export strategy, ready to go.

We can analyse your target markets to produce a report including:

  • the structure of the market
  • pricing indications at relevant levels
  • key potential end customers
  • detailed competition analysis
  • potential distributors, wholesalers, e-commerce routes as applicable
  • SWOT analysis
  • market entry strategy recommendations
  • recommended route-to-market strategies
  • Staged 3-year export strategy with important milestones and KPIs

Go Exporting’s report has formed an invaluable basis for our decision-making process and provides a robust benchmark upon which to gauge our progress.

We are extremely pleased with the final report, which ran to some 450 pages, and covered in detail, country by country the information we required. It was laid out in a clear, concise manner, with logical summaries and inciteful analysis of the key data.

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