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Once you have decided upon your target export market, the next key decision is developing your route-to-market strategy. How are you going to reach the market? How will you carve out a market share?

Often the easiest way to enter a market appears to be through a local distributor or agent. This is a low-risk strategy on the face of it, certainly from a fixed-cost perspective.

What is the difference between a Distributor and an Agent? Often the terms are interchanged. There are important distinctions which need to be carefully considered.

Finding international agents & distributors

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Resources and reports from Go Exporting present a comprehensive, progressive and modern approach to understanding exports. Not only it summarises the current export process in seamless and structured manner to overcome hurdles in the current structure but also it provides innovative and out of the box approach to challenge the legacy export model. I think continuous engagement with Go Exporting can keep a company on a growth trajectory to exceed their export targets.

Alicia Business Consulting

Go Exporting is a specialist consultancy helping companies prepare for Brexit and successfully expand into international markets. We offer;

Brexit Readiness Audits
A complete review of your business to prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead

Customs & Compliance Reviews

Identifying and planning for the new procedures and regulations which will apply to your business post Brexit

Export Strategy Review 

Is your current strategy still the right one? We help you devise and implement the right approach for the ‘new normal’ of post-Brexit and post-pandemic

Expand Internationally 

We help you to take advantage of the opportunities in new international markets brought about by Brexit

And so much more


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