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Why do you want to export?

This article explores your true motivations for wanting to export and whether it is actually right for your business. Is export a key part of your overall business strategy or does it just seem like something nice to be involved in, a flag on a map, an excuse to travel? Without commitment, you are doomed to failure.

Are you ready to start exporting?

You have taken the decision to start exporting but is your organisation ready? What are the skills and resources that you are going to need and does your business have those capabilities? Now is the time to consider all the consequences of exporting and whether you are sufficiently prepared for what will follow. This article guides you through the process and helps you to make the right decisions.

Where is the best export market for your product/service? (Part 1)

This article looks at how to decide which countries to export to first. Where will you start? This needs to be based on hard facts, not a gut feeling. In this first part we look at reviewing the information you already have from previous enquiries and sales, looking for the trends, plus the power of analysing your competitors and where they sell.

Where is the best export market for your product/service? (Part 2)

In Part 2 of this article series we share the importance of knowing the true size of the opportunity in potential markets and the benefit of independent research or commissioning a market report. Plus, why identifying who buys your product/service in the country is critical and may not be what you expect or the same as your home market!

Where is the best export market for your product/service? (Part 3)

In Part 3 of this article we look at identifying the barriers to entry in your target market(s) and how to assess their threat to your progress. We detail why sometimes a smaller market with lower entry difficulties can be better than the biggest market with high barriers.

How to evaluate the market opportunity

An important point we need to consider is the country risk. How stable is the country, how sound its economy? Factor the risk into your evaluation process.

You have gathered a lot of information together on various potential markets and now have a lot to consider. How do you assess and compare? Which elements are more important? We look at how to reach your final decision.

How do you decide on the best route-to-market? Distributor or agent?

Once you have decided upon your target export market the next key decision is developing your route-to-market strategy. We consider in detail the importance of FOCUS and ensuring you do not spread your resources too thinly. What is the difference between a distributor and an agent? How do you choose the right one for your business?

Can I export through direct sales only?

This article looks at the growth in importance of the internet and the ability to sell your products directly across borders. Which products are most suited to this type of selling? How to harness digital marketing to rapidly expand your exports.

Is it better to find a distributor or recruit an employee?

We look at the upsides and downsides of an employee versus a distributor in this article. How do you calculate the point at which it becomes more cost-effective to have an employee?

How do you decide your export strategy?

What are the important points to consider when considering your export strategy and how do you assess these to put together a final plan? The benefits of reviewing and comparing progress vs the plan on a regular basis.

How do you implement your export strategy?

In this article we look at how you take your perfect plan on paper and turn it into reality! How do you implement your strategy and avoid ‘Touch & Go’ selling? What support might you need along the way and the role of a Mentor.

Prepare your company for the export journey

By now we have settled on our target market, decided upon a focussed strategy to enter that market and have decided who will implement it, but before we get ready and head off into the sunset (or more likely sunrise for an early morning flight!) we need to make sure everything is prepared internally. What do we need to check to ensure the company and everyone in it is ready to go?

Define your value proposition for export

In this article we assess the importance of carefully defining your ‘Value Proposition’. What are the real benefits to your potential customers if they buy your product/service? How to look at it from their point of view.

How to take your first steps into your target export market

We are now fully prepared and raring to go, full of excitement at the impact we are going to make in the target market and the benefits this is going to bring to our business. But where do you start? What first steps do you take to enter the market and plan for your first visit?

10-point marketing checklist for international markets

From research through to the latest digital marketing and e-commerce techniques, you’ll gain a wealth of ideas to take into your own international marketing planning.

Visiting target market

Making the first visit to your target market

In the first 6-12 months it is very important to be seen to be consistently visible in the market. Convince the customers you are there to stay and they can rely on you if they do decide to change suppliers. Avoid the ‘touch and go’ selling. Visit the country often. Make it your second home.

Securing your first export orders

If you have not already secured your first orders, then now is the time to really push. Customers have seen you in the market, know what you can offer and your Value Proposition. You may well have already delivered samples of your product for them to assess. 


Well done! You’ve made your entry into the market, created awareness of your company and product / service, secured the first orders and appointed distributor(s) / agent(s) if that was your strategy. Job done right?

Well, definitely NOT JOB DONE!