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Governments & Trade Bodies

Supporting you to promote export for businesses in your area.

A specialist export partner

Export can be a great boost to economic activity for any region, country or industry. Supporting businesses to increase their international sales has, therefore, become a key focus of Governments, Chambers of Commerce and Trade Organisations.

Go Exporting provides specialist support to organisations to help promote exports. Based on our 30+ years of experience in international trade, working with all sizes of business, we facilitate your ambitions with a range of services to meet even the most demanding of requirements.

We offer expert training, webinars, export support schemes on all aspects of international business from export readiness, customs and compliance through to global marketing, devising strategy and trade missions.

We advise on International Trade and are recognised as the leaders in Export Readiness Assessments for ambitious companies looking to export for the first time.

Whatever support companies in your country, region or trade sector require, Go Exporting has the experience and expertise to make a real difference. We offer a flexible approach and work with you to deliver the skills and expertise exporters need. All based on real life experience of doing business globally.

This is shown by our work with organisations such as the International Labour Organisation, The Cabinet Office, Business Wales, Enterprise Ireland, Amazon Business, Enterprise Nation, Alibaba, American World Trade Chamber of Commerce, Jordan Chamber of Industry, British Library, Liverpool Library, Allica Bank to name just a few.

Our Services


Over 100 sessions in the last 4 years, including:

  • The Implications of Brexit
  • New Customs Rules
  • Rules of Origin
  • 7-Steps to Export Success
  • How to Find the Right Distributor 
  • How to Assess Market Potential
  • International Marketing Strategies
  • Intercultural Training

And many more…

Export Readiness Assessment

We are recognised leaders in assessing the Export Readiness of businesses to ensure they are prepared and ready to make their international expansion a complete success. For example we worked with the International Labour Organisation and Jordan Chamber of Industry to provide assessments of manufacturing business in the country. We conducted audit visits and provided step by step guidance on what they needed to do to be export ready, culminating in an export strategy plan for each company. See the case study here

Market Reports

Do you need to know where the best market potential is for the businesses you are representing? Is it important to understand the opportunities in a particular sector or region? We have carried out research projects and produced detailed reports to meet those requirements. For example, we were commissioned by Enterprise Ireland for two projects surrounding the UK Local Authority Market. Firstly, its structure and procurement routes, then subsequently a detailed analysis of the trends and opportunities for Irish exporters in the sector. See the case study here.

Individual Company Support

We are often requested to provide support to individual businesses on a specific project or issue as part of a national or regional export support scheme. We have worked with many businesses to manage the implications of Brexit and other customs and compliance issues, for example, saving one business over £600k in duty per year as a result of our advice. For others, we devise an export strategy or help them find distributors, even act as a mentor or advisor to help them plan and manage their export journey.

Export Promotion

We support you in organising trade missions and B2B matchmaking events in your target or home country. Attending a trade show or conference? We can support at the event, set up meetings with the right partners for your members/clients.

International Marketing Strategy

Effective international marketing has a big impact on how successfully a business can take advantage of export opportunities, but so little attention is paid to it in the traditional export support on offer. We help develop the key elements involved in creating a winning international marketing strategy, from understanding and defining new markets, to developing and executing a winning export marketing strategy.

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