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Talks over UK – US trade deal unlikely to restart until 2025


Rishi Sunak’s new Windsor Framework was designed to do a few things. First and foremost was to fix the backstop issue in the original Brexit deal and remove the border down the Irish sea. And second, it was supposed to unlock talks with the Biden administration over a new, lucrative ‘Brexit dividend’-worthy trade deal with the US. 

And the latter looks to have worked… to a degree. The White House suggested to the UK government this week that it would now be open to starting talks over a trade deal again – but not until 2025. 

That timeline is only likely to accelerate should Biden lose in the 2024 US elections, if he decides to run for another term. If Biden is reelected, then 2025 could be pushed back further as he battles with those on the left of his own party who are concerned at the number of US jobs being lost overseas. 

Conservative MP David Jones told The Telegraph that: “The US can remain on the back-burner until we have a more sympathetic US President.

“Indeed, it was rumoured that Biden himself was keen [for the US] to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership [CPTPP]. If that happens, we will not need a bilateral deal.”

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“In the meantime, we can focus on more enthusiastic trading partners, who are accounting for an increasing share of the global economy.”

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