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Rise in non-EU food and drink exports for UK firms

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Exports of food and drink products by UK exporters have risen above pre-pandemic levels. 

Data from the Food and Drink Federation found that exports to non-EU countries rose 16.2% in the first three months of the year, almost 11% higher than in Q1 2019. 

Total non-EU exports of food and drink are now worth a record £2.3bn, with sales to Australia, Canada, India, Japan and the US showing the most growth. Beef exports rose 80%, with whiskey, chocolate and gin also seeing sustained growth. 

Whilst food and drink exports to the EU still remain higher at £3bn, the rise in sales further afield may be a sign that UK firms are starting to broaden their horizons in the wake of Brexit. 

The FDF predicts that further growth is on the cards, with the UK-Japan trade agreement already signed and new deals with Australia and New Zealand on the cards. 

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Association director of the FDF, Nicola Thomas, noted that: “Such strong growth highlights how with widespread economic and political instability around the world, a renewed focus on exporting is a crucial risk-mitigation strategy for UK Food and Drink companies in 2022.”

EU still a major market

Despite Brexit, the EU trading bloc remains a core and critical market for many exporting firms, and the pandemic, war in Ukraine and the UK’s departure from the European Union have caused massive upheaval for import/export businesses. 

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