The number of UK firms exporting, and the value of exports, has increased once more year-on-year according to the latest DiT data.

Figures from HMRC showed 110,800 VAT-registered businesses exporting last year, whilst the exports of goods across all four UK regions also increased.

Scotland led the export growth charts with a 5.6% rise in goods sold abroad, followed by 4.2% in Wales, 2.1% in England and 1.9% in Northern Ireland.

The value of goods sold over the last 12 months was a combined £305 billion, made up of £248.6 billion in the UK, £30.3 billion in Scotland, £17.2 billion in Wales and £8.9 billion in NI.

The average worth of exporting to UK businesses for the last quarter of 2018 stood at £780,000.

International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox said of the latest results that: “The continued rise in British exports across the country highlights the true exporting power across all UK regions.

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“This is fantastic news for British businesses, who should be encouraged by these figures to take advantage of the clear opportunities available for growing their business overseas.”

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