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As a specialist in international business, we can help with a whole variety of services to your company.

Shipping, Warehousing & Distribution

New to exporting? It is very important when entering a new market to have a reliable and cost-effective shipping, warehousing and freight forwarding partner. How are you going to satisfy demand? What lead times will customers accept? The last thing you want is to spend a lot of time and money finding new customers, only to lose them due to shipping issues.

Through our partners we provide resources and expertise in domestic and international road haulage, warehousing and distribution, Customs clearance and Deep Sea Exports and Imports. We have a network of local agents able to customs clear and arrange delivery of your goods from London to Timbuktu and everywhere in-between.

Don’t have space to store stock yourself? No problem, we can arrange warehouse locations where and when needed to meet the demands of your customers.

In short, we can help set up and provide worldwide shipping, warehousing and local distribution of your products, plus support with VAT clearance, tariff codes and duties.

Take the strain away from your team with a one-stop shop for all your needs.

Export Paperwork

Inside the EU paperwork requirements are minimal. The free flow of goods around the Member States after point of entry makes doing business simple and low cost. That may all be about to change with Brexit however, as it seems inevitable the UK will leave the Single Market and Customs Union.

If this is the case a new export/import paperwork system will need to be in place quickly in order to not disturb business. New software may be required, new guarantees for deferment numbers for VAT and Duties etc. It could well be a minefield.

Paperwork requirements can seem mind-blowing at the best of times today when dealing outside the EU; from Certificates of Origin, Apostilles, to import licences, and costs.

Our experts have been doing this for years, so can advise you how to set up internally to go about it. Alternatively, we offer a complete service, taking the strain away from you and your staff.

Why not use one company for shipping, freight forwarding, for everything including the paperwork? They are the experts, doing this day after day, they will be up to date with the latest rules and regulations, so you never fall foul of the law or run into issues with customs clearance for example.

For further details on how we can help Contact Us.

Translation to/from any language

Imagine a salesperson comes to visit you to introduce you to a new product or service, but all the paperwork is in a different language. Are you likely to buy that product? Probably not. How could you be confident it fulfils your requirements and meets the regulations?

For this reason, when you start exporting you will need to translate all your relevant documentation in to the languages of the countries you are targeting, including:

  • website

  • brochures

  • advertising & other promotional material

  • proposals/quotations

  • technical documents

  • product labels

  • instructions

  • health & safety information

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Order Forms

  • Warranties etc

Google translate is not sufficient! It needs to be a professional translation, preferably by a native speaker experienced in the terms used in your field.

We can arrange this on your behalf from proven translators we have used in the past. It does not cost a fortune, but is worth its weight in gold!

Telesales Campaigns

As part of your marketing in a new country you may wish to utilise a telesales campaign to targeted potential customers. This is a specialist skill which needs to be carried out in the language of the country you are targeting.

The first step is how to access the database of potential targets? Do you have thin information in-house or do you need to research it or buy a ready-made list?

We can arrange the data and specialist telesales campaigns in the language of the target country. Each campaign is bespoke, with an agreed budget and timescales. Dedicated telesales professionals are trained in advance in your product/service, a basic script devised and key deliverables agreed. For example, is it an information gathering or market research exercise, or are you targeting sales appointments for your team, or looking to take orders over the telephone (rare!).

You will receive regular reports as to the progress of the campaign and feedback from the team. The script can then be modified as required and the campaign scaled up or back as necessary.

It’s flexible, affordable and most importantly highly effective at getting your message across to just the right people.

Contact us today for an initial, no obligation discussion.

Company financing

New start business or fast-growing SME? Finance from traditional banks can be difficult to secure without personal guarantees, charges over property or other assets etc. There are alternatives however, such as Crowd Funding, Business Angels, other lenders, Invoice Factoring or Discounting, private equity, to name but a few.

It can be bewildering and confusing as to which are the best options to explore. Do you want to give up equity? Are you willing to put up personal assets as security? What if you do not have sufficient collateral?

As part of the consultancy process we can look at the alternatives and put you in connection with specialists who are authorised to advise on possible solutions.

Help is out there. There is no need to struggle on alone.

For an initial, in confidence discussion of your requirements please Contact Us

Order financing

Cashflow is the biggest killer of businesses. You can have good orders, but without the cash to fund them, you are in difficult waters. Banks are notoriously cautious; friends or family? What alternatives are out there?

You’ve started to export and now have a big order either at home or in the export market – how will you fund it, especially if it’s a long term project? What are the payment terms? Can you extend credit from your suppliers?

There are other alternatives. We can help you look at the options, ranging from Government Export Guarantees, Business Angels, through to specialist order financing companies who take their security from the order or goods themselves.

As part of the consultancy process we can look at the alternatives and put you in connection with specialists who are authorised to advise on possible solutions.

Help is out there. There is no need to struggle on alone.

For an initial, in confidence discussion of your requirements please Contact Us

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