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Need a speaker for your conference, sales meeting, seminar or other business occasion?

CEO of Go Exporting, Mike Wilson, is an experienced presenter who will be pleased to speak on a variety of subjects to match your theme; with a particular emphasis of course on international business (including personal anecdotes); How, Why and When to Export; Routes to Market; The Joys and the Woes of Export; Devising and Implementing Strategy; and much more.

A current popular speaking theme is BREXIT.

Do the politicians know what they are doing? Did the UK population know what the impact of their vote would be? How will Brexit affect business? What are the implications of leaving the Single Market and Customs Union? What strategies can you employ to minimise the impact and risk? What opportunities will Brexit create?

Writing Briefs

As the authors of several books, many articles, blog posts and corporate newsletters, our team is eminently well placed to write items for your company. Do you need an article for a magazine, blog or company newsletter? Tell us the theme and desired outcome. We will prepare a knowledgeable, entertaining and informative item for a competitive fee.

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A fresh angle and approach
Highly-targeted to your objectives
Effective message delivery
Experience & Expertise to match your needs
Tailor-made for you
Real-world anecdotes to emphasise the message

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