Mentoring and Non Executive Directorship

Mentoring and Non Executive Directorship

Benefit from our experience at Board level, in managing and leading Start Ups, SMEs and multinational corporations to success at home and in international markets.


When you are just starting out establishing your business, it can be a lonely place to be. You may not have done this before; you may be unsure the direction to take; you want to avoid the pitfalls and dangers of the crucial early years, but who to turn to? There may not be anyone within your company, family or circle of friends who has the necessary experience and expertise.

Our consultants have been where you are, learnt from the mistakes, turned it in to success and wear the badge with pride! As such we are ideally placed when you need an experienced mentor to help you along the way. We can help turn that dream in to a reality and ensure the demons stay in their box!

Mentoring can be ad hoc when you need it; or regular meetings each week, month or quarter. Whatever your need, we can support you.

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Non-Executive Director

Similarly, even once you are a well-established SME, with a Board of Directors and possibly equity investors, it can be important to have an outside opinion of the direction of the company and the decisions you are making. Some equity investors may make it a requirement to have a NED on your board. Someone who is not immersed in the day to day operation so can take an objective view based on experience.

We have the expertise and experience to analyse and support, to ask the difficult questions and ultimately to make a real difference.

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