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From our years of experience as a market research company, Go Exporting's market reesarch consultants have put together a selection of packages to support your business through its export journey, with defined outcomes and fixed pricing. Each package is designed to provide tangible value, allowing you to budget and take it at your pace.

Package 1 – Market Research Report, Phase 1

  • Includes an initial consultation to define the brief i.e. which products/services, which country/countries, which market segment, understand the company, product/service usps, market and competition
  • Research in to the target market(s) using local contacts, internet, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Bodies, Conference and Exhibition guides and other sources where appropriate.
  • Produce a detailed report with conclusions on the size of market, opportunity and challenges, competition, SWOT analysis. Recommendation as to whether to continue to phase 2.


Our market research consultants will deliver an in-depth information on the market, its potential and challenges, with a clear recommendation as to whether to proceed to phase 2.

Package 2 – Market Research Report, Phase 2

  • Our market research consultants will identify and agree with the client key target markets to focus activities
  • In-depth research into top target markets supplemented by fact-finding visits to:
  • confirm and expand upon initial research
    • face to face meetings with potential customers, distributors, authorities, influencers
    • explore routes to market, identify potential recruits, distributors or agents
    • define regulatory requirements
    • detail the marketing strategy
    • search out and assess opportunities
    • assess potential pitfalls
    • deeper competition analysis including their key markets, size, market share, sales and distribution set up.
  • Produce a final report with:
    • detailed analysis of the market
    • conclusions on the size of the market
    • opportunities and challenges
    • SWOT analysis
    • rank targets by potential market size and returns vs. barriers to entry
    • define routes to market with details on potential distributors, agents or recruits
    • detailed recommendations and proposed strategy including timeframes, investment required and potential returns


A detailed analysis of the market and a strategic plan with key targets & milestones, fully-costed.

Package 3 - Implementation

Taking the report from ‘Package 2 - Market Report Phase 2’ as a basis and turning it into a detailed strategic action plan. Plan and costs to be agreed with your market research consultants and then implemented by the consultant in up to three stages depending on the requirements of the client:

    • Stage One
      • recruitment of personnel, agents and/or distributors as defined in the plan as the best route to market.
      • initial visits to potential customers
      • participation in one exhibition/conference for up to 2 days
      • oversight of implementation of initial marketing plan
      • expected to be concluded over a 3 month period.


At the end of Stage One the client will have a route to market set up, initial customer contact and marketing initiated, with the expectation of orders being secured or in the pipeline, depending on the usual average sales cycle.

      • Stage Two
        • Follow on from Phase 1 to monitor and manage the route to market, progress and marketing plan;
        • Recommend adjustments and tweaks in strategy if/as required.
        • Ensuring initial orders are received, delivered and followed up for customer feedback, building in-country references.
        • Includes 2 country visits.
        • Monthly reporting and quarterly in person review with the client.
        • Expected to be concluded over a 9 month period.


The client will have a defined country strategy, route to market in place and have sufficient orders, including business in the pipeline, to cover the consultant’s costs. A presence in the market achieved and sufficient data gathered to develop a realistic customer budget for year 2.

        • Stage Three
          • As Phase Two, but can be contracted in quarterly segments.
          • Following the work in Year 1 a budget will have been agreed for Year 2, plus clearly defined KPIs based on market share, penetration, number of customers, pipeline, market awareness etc.
          • Includes 1 country visit per quarter
          • Monthly reporting and quarterly in person review with the client.


Outcome will be measured primarily against budget, but also the agreed KPIs and effectiveness of the route to market strategy.

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