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Export Readiness Quiz

Discover if you’re ready to expand globally with our interactive quiz.

Assess your export readiness in 16 easy questions

Take our FREE export readiness questionnaire to understand how prepared your business is for selling internationally. 

Answer just 16 questions and we’ll provide you with an Export Readiness Score and breakdown of the areas where you need to pay attention to be in a position to successfully start or expand your journey into international markets.

We look at four key areas:

Company – How prepared is your business, it’s people, systems and procedures for export?
Market Knowledge – How well do you know your potential market and where the best opportunities lie?
Export Strategy – Is your strategy sufficiently defined and detailed to ensure export success?
Barriers to Entry – How aware are you of the barriers to entry such as customs rules and regulations, competition, product development requirements?

The final report will identify recommended improvements and further actions you should take to be a successful exporter. From this you can develop your Export Readiness Action Plan. 

There is a world full of opportunities out there. Carefully planning and preparing will help you to profitably expand into international markets. 

Don’t delay. Start today.