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Export Readiness Audits:
Expert Training

Are you a Chamber of Commerce or Industry, Government Body, Trade Organisation, Educational Establishment or other organisation which would like to carry out Export Readiness Audits independently? 

We offer a unique training programme for your staff in this specialist area which can be tailored to your exact requirements. We usually cover on Day 1 the key elements of the audit questionnaire and visit itself, plus on the second day how to interpret that information to produce the final audit report.

We always recommend that audits are carried out by individuals who are not only suitably trained experts, but also have a wide business experience such as our consultants. This enables them to objectively assess a company and be able to provide practical guidance which can turn into real benefits. 

The objective of the Export Readiness Audit is to provide businesses with practical support and guidance which will lead to success.

What will you learn from this course?

  • The Purpose & Importance of an Export Readiness Audit
  • The Objective & Content of the Audit Questionnaire
  • How to Work with the Client to Assess their Export Readiness
  • How to Assess & Interpret the Business Information
  • How to Use and Interpret our Export Readiness Scoring Tool
  • Defining Priorities and Steps Required to Reach Export Readiness
  • How to Compile the Export Readiness Report 

  • How to devise an Export Strategy

Day One

1. What is the purpose of an export audit?
2. The Target Market Context:

    • Standards and Approval
    • Common Practice in Purchasing Procedures
    • The RFI
    • The Growing Importance of CSR

3. The Export Audit Process

    • The Audit Questionnaire
    • Points of contact
    • Background – get to know the company, QMS, H&S, Environment, CSR etc
    • Leadership – why export? strategy, objectives, motivation, attitude to risk, international experience, self-perception, expected outcomes of the audit

Department by Department Review

    • Products – analysis of product range, pricing, packaging, labelling, USPs, Value Proposition, suitability for export, approvals, shipping, stocks, lead times, training/after-sales support, company capability to adjust to requirements
    • Production – capacity, utilisation, bottlenecks, raw materials and supply chain, staff training and availability, quality control, manufacturing process
    • Finance – attitude to risk, financial strength, ability to invest in export, expansion, capability in foreign currency and payments, documentation
    • Sales – structure, best performers traits, why do customers buy? Domestic market share and growth potential, current routes-to-market, document review, Quality and price perception, competition, sales presentation, customer satisfaction
    • Export Experience – review of current exports, %, number and order size, geographical analysis, payment terms, export documentation and shipping, skills assessment
    • Marketing – strategy, collateral review, customer facing documentation review, exhibitions, publications etc.
    • Market Research – do you have any? Which export markets do you target? Why? Where are competitors active? Leads analysis
    • Competitors – who are they? Where are they?

4. Export Audit Tips and Suggestions
5. Summary

Day Two

1. Export Audit visit – what do we learn?
2. Where are they now?

What to look for and how to assess the following:

    • Company Background
    • Company Vision
    • Export Drive
    • Product Range
    • Production
    • Finance
    • Domestic Sales
    • Export Experience
    • Marketing
    • Market Research
    • Collate and Review for Each Area where they are, where they need to be and the steps required

3. Export Readiness Initial Scoring

Our unique assessment tool for export readiness looking at:

    • Competitive Capabilities
    • Motivation
    • Commitment
    • Product Readiness
    • Skills, Knowledge and Resources

4. The SWOT Analysis in the context of Export Readiness
5. Writing the Report – what to include



6. Devising an Export Strategy

For further details and to discuss your specific requirements please contact Mike Wilson on +44 800 689 1423 or send a message using the form below.

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