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Case study: Airsynergy

How Airsynergy used Go Exporting to expand into international markets.


Airsynergy has developed a totally unique renewable energy power generation system harnessing both wind and solar energy. 

After several years development and initial success in their home market, Airsynergy was ready to launch internationally with a particular emphasis on the Highways and Security sectors. 

Internally they did not have experience or contacts in these areas and were recommended to speak with Go Exporting by one of their clients.

Go Exporting is a specialist in helping companies to expand into international markets and offered to devise their go-to-market strategy and act as the Airsynergy export sales team, in particular to introduce the company to potential distributors.

We were delighted to be chosen to provide the required support.

About the clients

Airsynergy invents, designs and distributes ground-breaking, patented cleantech products to provide reliable off-grid power for critical applications.

The company’s core products are making a difference across markets and geographies. Principal sectors include communications, security, traffic management, environmental monitoring, lighting and public safety.

Their products and systems are robust, proven and approved, with both CE and UL listing. 

All technologies are subject to global patents, giving the company security and clarity.

The Independent Smart Pole provides off-grid power to even the most remote areas to power devices such as cameras, environmental sensors, motion detectors, variable message signs, traffic counters and so much more.

Here's how we supported Airsynergy

Researched the worldwide market potential, identified targets

Devised and implemented an export strategy

Signed distributors and resellers across the globe

Worked as the Airsynergy export sales team

Built a database and aproached 4,000+ potential clients worldwide

Developed a direct marketing strategy

The project

Airsynergy’s goal was to introduce their renewable energy products into the worldwide market. They had identified Highways/Traffic and Security as two key potential markets. 

With the growth of the use of technology in these sectors, for example in Smart Cities, there are ever-increasing demands for power, often in remote areas. In addition, the green agenda is driving a move towards renewable energy.

Recognising this trend, the company required support from a company with the knowledge and expertise to drive international growth, plus with contacts in the relevant sectors. 

Go Exporting submitted our proposal to effectively manage the export sales business for Airsynergy targeting these two specific sectors. The objective was to introduce the company to approved distributors and resellers who could support market entry. Later the scope was expanded to also approach end-users directly.

We were delighted to be selected as the partner consultant for this exciting project. 


The method

Go Exporting has developed its own tried and tested process for market entry strategies which includes:

  • Desk Based Research
  • Utilising Personal Contacts 
  • Compiling a database of potential partners
  • Devising a direct marketing plan
  • Actively approaching target companies
  • Following through from initial contact, product introduction, client liaison, to contract signature
  • Applying the Experience and Expertise from 30+ years in International business

The results

After client approval of the international strategy developed by Go Exporting, we set about the implementation in order to produce some quick wins.

Very quickly, a distributor was agreed in Australia and an initial order worth €35k was placed. This was soon followed by many others including USA, Germany, Ireland, UK, Portugal, Baltics, Malta. 

At the time of writing, discussions are at an advanced stage with a $9b turnover security distributor to stock the product.

We are working with Go Exporting for the last number of months…to help us in rolling out a global distribution network.

We have been extremely impressed with the results to date and have engaged Go Exporting for further projects.

Mike (CEO of Go Exporting) is a person of the highest integrity, who delivers what he says in the agreed timeframe and wants the best results for both his contacts and the partner he is dealing with.

He is very professional in all his dealings and brings with him a very refreshing approach to business as he extremely pleasant to deal with and provides tremendous details in all his dealings with us.

Mike has managed in a very short time to open numerous opportunities in Countries like Germany, France, US, Canada, Saudi Arabia to name but a few.

And finally...

We hope this Case Study has given you a feel for the effectiveness and impact a detailed market sector report can have in helping to expand exports in your target market.

Whether you are a Business, Chamber of Commerce, Trade Organisation or Government Body looking to promote local exports, Go Exporting helps support you develop a winning strategy to expand into international markets.

For further details please email or call +44 800 689 1423.