The transition period has now officially ended.

Brexit FastTrack

A detailed Brexit Impact Review & Transition Plan specific to your business with quick turnaround and prices starting from just £950.

Brexit FastTrack Review

Go Exporting is passionate about helping companies to profitably expand in international markets; from Brexit planning, export readiness audits, customs and compliance, market research through to devising and implementing a winning go-to-market strategy. 

We have made it a priority in our business to keep up to date with the changes Brexit will bring to all aspects of trading with the EU to best advise our clients. 

Government data shows there are 61% of businesses that have so far done little, if anything, to prepare for Brexit. The clock is ticking and the list of potential actions you need to take is long and may appear daunting.

Leaving the Single Market and Customs Union means we become a third-party country in trade terms with the EU. No longer will there be free movement of goods and simplified procedures for Vat for example. Customs Declarations will be required for all shipments, it is estimated the number will increase from 50m today, to over 300m per year. Quite a burden, not to mention cost, for businesses. 

Irrespective of if there is an eventual trade deal there will be profound changes, for example, there may well be duties and quotas to consider, licences and approvals. 

Brexit will therefore be a challenge for all companies; from managing and maintaining your current EU customers and supply chain, adjusting your procedures, to understanding the impact of new customs arrangements, tariffs and Incoterms.

Given these challenges and the fact the deadline of 31st December is fast approaching, we have utilised our experience as recognised specialists in Export Readiness Audits, to develop our BREXIT FASTTRACK REVIEW PROCESS to help our clients manage the transition.

Time is now short, there is no opportunity for further delay, act now to ensure the continuity of your business. We GUARANTEE a fast turnaround and to deliver a comprehensive Brexit Action Plan specific to your business.

A Brexit FastTrack approach that's right for your business

How does it work?

Given the current Covid-19 social distancing rules, we have developed our Brexit Review process to be compliant with the regulations. We have constructed a special questionnaire to gather specific information which allows us to analyse the implications of Brexit for your business.
The process is designed to review each department in your business which will be affected by Brexit, which means every one of them, to examine how ready you are for the changes.
We perform a gap analysis to ascertain where you are now, compared to where you need to be. This information is then turned into a detailed report including an action plan with the individual activities you need to carry out, along with suggested time frames.


The report will include everything you need to do to become Brexit Ready based on the latest available information. It will cover the actions you need to take and what you need to review in each area of your business such as:

  • UK and EU EORI requirements

  • New Customs Rules, Regulations and Procedures

  • Likely Tariffs/Duties

  • VAT procedure changes

  • Export Documentation requirements including Customs Declarations

  • Assessment of the benefit of becoming an AEO (Authorised Economic Operator)

  • Any compliance requirements, such as licences, approvals, sanitary certificates

  • Implications for your business of the transition to UKCA from CE in the UK

  • Trade agreements, if any, as they apply to your business

  • Logistics and Just-in-time delivery

  • Incoterms and their effect on your supplier and customer contracts

  • Supply chain review and implications

  • Cash flow implications

  • Product origin requirements and record-keeping

  • Staff training needs

  • Customer review incl. implications of Brexit on your relationships

  • Implications for stock levels

  • Cost implications

  • Impact of the Northern Ireland Protocol

  • Changes to eCommerce rules

  • New Intellectual Property rules

  • Human resources, especially in connection to EU27 nationals working in the UK and UK nationals working in the EU

  • Implications for Legal contracts

  • Areas for Finance & Accounting to review

The result will be an action plan specific to your business showing all the areas you need to consider and review to #BeBrexitReady.

FastTrack Standard

£ 950
  • An unbelievably affordable fixed price +VAT
  • 15 working-day turnaround

FastTrack Express

£ 1,250
  • A still-unbelievably affordable fixed price +VAT
  • 7 working-day turnaround

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