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What exporters can learn from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon


Last weekend I went to see a special immersive planetarium film experience celebrating 50 years since the launch of this iconic album. It was quite an event, with the music and visual effects combining to create a truly wonderful experience. You had the feeling of walking on the moon and pushing the boundaries of the universe!

What has this to do with exporting I hear you ask? Well, it started me thinking about two important points.

Firstly, looking at the earth from the edge of the universe reminded me how small our planet, its continents and countries are in the grand scheme of things. Yet sometimes as business people our worlds can seem small, often restricted to our own borders. 

In reality we are restricted only by our own thinking. There is a world of opportunities within reach, without ever having to leave this planet! We just need to open our minds to the possibilities. 

That is not to say we go blindly off to every country we can find. Being a successful exporter takes careful planning and understanding of our markets in order to concentrate our resources in the most profitable areas. Developing our export growth plan and strategy should not be skimmed over in the rush to make a few quick sales.

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Secondly, Pink Floyd composed this album in 1973, and 50 years later they are still making £millions from it every year. It’s the gift that just keeps giving. The same can be true of export. 

Devise the right strategy in the right markets, appoint the best fit local partners/distributors and the money will flow for years to come. 

That’s not to say you won’t have to work at it. Pink Floyd made this anniversary film to promote and celebrate the album. I’m sure it brought a boost in income and probably a whole new generation of fans that will keep the money flowing for another 50 years! 

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New marketing, new products, upselling options, a fresh approach will be needed along the way. A distributor takes a lot of work. They should be seen as our biggest customer and given the same level of attention and support. 

Get the basics right now and export will bring returns for the next 50 years….and beyond!

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