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UK food and drink exports exceed pre-pandemic levels


The global appetite for UK food and drink has continued to grow despite pandemic and post-Brexit pressures. 

New data from the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has shown how food and drink exports have now surged past pre-pandemic levels to stand at a record £24.8bn with chocolate and cheese exports proving ever-popular. 

Over half of all food and drink exports went to Europe where sales actually rose 22% to £13.7bn. New emerging partners like Vietnam have also seen double demand, whilst sales to non-EU countries broke the £10bn value barrier for the first time. 

And high demand has been seen across almost all categories, highlighting a general trend towards UK produce – and not just high-demand brands. 

Dominic Goudie of the FDF commented: “UK food and drink continues to be recognised around the globe for its high quality, safety, and sustainability credentials, with demand as strong as ever across the EU and at record levels in developing markets.

“As the UK’s largest manufacturing sector, dynamic trade is vital if our sector is to deliver the robust growth we’d like it to in the coming months and years, benefitting communities in every part of the UK.”

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“Imports are essential for the success of our sector, adding value to UK produce while ensuring consistent availability and value for shoppers.

“There also remain substantial opportunities to deliver further export growth, but this will require the government to use all the trade policy levers at its disposal in support of the food and drink sector, to ensure that our producers can access competitively priced ingredients and sell into the fastest-growing markets.”

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