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Import taxes to be cut on goods from developing nations


The UK is set to cut import taxes on hundreds of products from developing nations to help boost trade. 

Covering 65 developing countries, products including clothing and shoes could benefit from zero or lower tariffs in a move that has been created by The Developing Countries Trading Scheme. 

The scheme, which builds on similar programs the UK was part of whilst a member of the EU, builds on a list of thousands of products that developing nations can already export into the UK, including 99% of goods imported from Africa. 

The government hopes the scheme will promote trading diversity and support developing nations to drive prosperity and help eradicate poverty. It will also support retailers in the UK to bring off-season products from abroad and onto shelves, such as cucumbers, without having to increase prices. 

International trade secretary, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, said that: “As an independent trading nation, we are taking back control of our trade policy and making decisions that back UK businesses, help with the cost of living, and support the economies of developing countries around the world.”

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She continued: “UK businesses can look forward to less red tape and lower costs, incentivising firms to import goods from developing countries.”

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