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Brexit causing “increased costs, paperwork and border delays”


A parliamentary report has highlighted how UK firms have been hit by increased costs and border delays due to Brexit. 

The report, created by the Public Accounts Committee, said that it was clear that leaving the European Union was also having an impact on UK trade volumes. 

Whilst businesses around the world have reeled from the impact of the pandemic, the report said it was clear that the EU exit was having a negative impact for UK businesses. 

PAc chair MegHillier said of the report that: “One of the great promises of Brexit was freeing British businesses to give them the headroom to maximise their productivity and contribution to the economy – even more desperately needed now on the long road to recovery from the pandemic.

“Yet the only detectable impact so far is increased costs, paperwork and border delays.”

The report set out a number of recommendations to the government to support UK businesses within the transition, including:

  • Government must set out its scenario planning and modelling for passenger volumes in 2022 and clarify how it will manage the increased pressures and any contingencies that may be required.
  • To minimise the costs to business as far as possible.
  • Government should identify what issues businesses are facing in relation to the new border requirements and in particular determine how they can provide SMEs with additional support.
  • Government should set out departments’ assessment of EU trader and haulier readiness, to determine whether any intervention by either itself or the EU may be required; and set out any plans for additional support.
  • Government should continue its efforts to resolve the challenges of the Protocol and ensure that departments are ready to put any negotiated outcome into operation.

Post-Brexit planning checklist

For many firms, this is a confusing and frustrating time, especially for those with limited experience of customs declarations, licenses, VAT on import and rules of origin.

We’ve created a free checklist to help you navigate the choppy waters and adjust to a new trading environment. 

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