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Post-Brexit trade deal with Japan hits unlikely snag


Trade talks between the UK and Japan over a post-Brexit trade deal were by all reports going in the right direction with both sides suggesting an agreement could be in place by the end of the month. 

However, talks appear to have hit something of a hold-up. The culprit? Stilton cheese. 

Talks have apparently been blown off course after Liz Truss, recently appointed international trade secretary, looked to secure a better deal regarding British blue cheeses. 

A favourite on cheese boards and sandwiches in the UK, blue cheese sales to Japan only totalled just over £100,000 last year and the government will be hoping a better deal between the UK and Japan directly may trump the recently-agreed EU-Japan trade deal and serve as a boost to British producers. 

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Not much has come out of the government specifically relating to stilton, but Truss has recently commented that: “Negotiations have been positive and productive, and we have reached consensus on the major elements of a deal – including ambitious provisions in areas like digital, data and financial services that go significantly beyond the EU-Japan deal.

“Our shared aim is to reach a formal agreement in principle by the end of August.”

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