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New online tool launched for exporters to report barriers to trade


The government has launched a new online tool to help identify barriers for UK exporting businesses. 

The aim of the platform is to help the government’s own trade experts spot potential legal, regulatory, labelling, licensing or any other unnecessary barriers to trade which can then be worked on with countries around the world. 

Once a UK business has come across an issue that’s holding up international trade or investment, they can flag it in the tool which is then shared with the Department for International Trade. 

Liz Truss, the newly appointed International Trade Secretary noted that: “Opening up new markets for British businesses is a top priority and the Department for International Trade has 1,000 people located around the world to help create more opportunities than ever before.

“I urge businesses to make full use of our new market access tool, which will help us to rapidly identify and knockdown unnecessary trade barriers.”

The government has also announced a lift on the Mexican government’s ban on British exports of food condiments containing beef, as well as reduced restrictions on vodka exports to Canada.

“In the last 12 months, we’ve secured wins to sell beef to Japan, langoustines to China and pork to Taiwan – just to name a few,” Truss continued.

“I am delighted to announce today that we’ve secured new wins to lift the ban on exports of products containing beef in Mexico and reduce restrictions on Vodka exports to Canada.”


It’s an interesting move from the government as they essentially turn to local businesses exporting globally to self-identify and report barriers to streamlined and profitable international trade and investment. 

Amongst the backdrop of Brexit and the impending disruption and potential new barriers to entry within the European Union markets, initiatives to help identify and iron-out issues affecting trade across the rest of the globe is a positive step forward – especially as businesses are encouraged to capitalise on the worldwide business opportunities available following the departure from the EU. 

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